Mathilde – Facial Surgery

Mathilde returned to her home with a light bandage on Wednesday morning, after spending a night at the clinic.

On Tuesday evening, when I visited, she was in no pain. Cool compresses covered her eyes to prevent bruising. On Wednesday morning, when the bandage was removed, I showed him the result in a mirror. She was amazed at the absence of bruises or marks. His face was just a little swollen and the neck was no longer hanging down.

The oval and the cervico-mental angle perfectly drawn. The scars are camouflaged. The perfectly fine and invisible seams. No pain just a feeling of tightness and the skin a little hard. I give him his prescriptions, and his appointments for the following Monday at the Academia Aesthetica office in all discretion.

She will no longer return to the aesthetic clinic.

In the meantime, she will do her own care, apart from a few medicines not to swell too much and prevent edema, advice to rest, and drops in the eyes to prevent them from being dry and fight the tearing.

She doesn’t wear contact lenses , but if she had, she should have worn prescription glasses .

Some vitamin A- based creams are to be put under the eyelids. She therefore returns on Monday afternoon to the office (I am in the operating room in the morning). Received by the secretaries and my assistant , we proceed to the final removal of the dressing.

The benefits of light therapy

There are no threads to remove except on the eyelids. When she returns home, she will shampoo gently. After post-operative care advice, she began a first light therapy session . This will speed up the recovery process, reduce edema quickly. Mathilde must return to work in a week, the following Wednesday, or 15 days after the operation. In the meantime she can go about her business and work from home on her computer. She can go out shopping, take a leisurely walk. Driving is possible.

Light therapy is of great benefit for well-being and healing.

5 sessions are prescribed at the rate of one per week. They will take place on Monday afternoon. The following Monday, what a change! Mathilde is rested, the edema has disappeared, everything is healed. She is made up, she is a different person, rejuvenated, embellished, she made an appointment with her hairdresser the next day before resuming her work. She keeps drops of mild eye drops (based on hyaluronic acid ) in her eyes, this is her only treatment. She is happy with the result, which is not final. She is in absolutely no pain. Second long-awaited light therapy session, because it does him a lot of good, soothes him enormously. We will see each other 3 more times. She is in total confidence. His family circle, who was of course worried, is totally reassured. An appointment for a post-operative consultation has been set in 3 months. No massage is advised.

In the meantime, she corresponds from time to time with my secretary Céline, who takes her news.

During the follow-up consultation, Mathilde is smiling, comfortable in her skin, in total confidence. At work, her colleagues found her looking good, convinced that she was coming back from vacation.

A successful facelift leaves no visible scars at 3 months. Before, they can be camouflaged in the hair and by makeup. That day, I gave a Botox injection , advised him to consider a peel at the office every year. She will return to her beautician for her skin care as she wishes, but if she prefers, she can come to the office where my assistant does it.

Already, she seems to have gained 10 years.

Appointment is made in 6 months, I remain at her disposal when she wishes.

This story is typical of that of the other patients. I am delighted to rejuvenate, embellish, care for my patients who make me feel good. Besides, Mathilde offered flowers to my assistants. Teamwork is fundamental. I will take photographs 6 months after the operation, then 1 year after. They of course remain confidential.