Ethics Considerations In Plastic Surgery

History that plastic surgery has an ancient origin, nevertheless, it was not only until First World War when it was defined and recognized.

Nowadays, scientific advances on this specialty allows plastic surgeons to get better results compared to those obtained 10 years ago.

It is as important as to state that this specialty demands a high level of academic quality so the professionals can restore its position. It is also important to say that this specialty requires an acute way of proceeding but firstly and most indispensable is to remember that this activity is centered on the patient's interest. Moreover, surgeons are always looking for the best technique quality always supported by the higher ethicalconcepts. Plastic surgeons must acknowledge themselves that this is the only way to be more human professionals.

As any surgical procedure, it is a medical activity that carries out its risks and complications, so the doctor must have a previous interview with the patient where the fist one clearly explains to the latter the surgical objectives making a sketch on the surgical procedure having in mind the risks and the benefits, so finally the decisions not only can be shared but must shared by both.

It is in this context that we want to present some relevant ethical aspects concerning plastic surgery practice.

Nowadays, society must learn how to see life from a different point of view, not only focusing on the epidermis and external body look, but having present the important matters that identify ourselves and give sense to us.